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Castrol DWF is high quality penetrating and de-watering fluid designed for use by the motorist and in the home or workshop. Available in aerosol packs this fluid displaces moisture, cleans, protects and lubricates all metals.

The superior creep characteristics of Castrol DWF ensures effective penetration of corroded parts to allow for easy extraction, ideal for use on automotive exhaust systems, wheel nuts and suspension units. When the fluid is used on damp engines it leaves a water-repellent film on the distributor, plugs, coil, ignition, H.T. leads and battery terminals.

The extension tube may be used to introduce the lubricant into locks, also cables, hinges, linkages and other items which are sometimes difficult to reach. These can be lubricated with ease. In the home and office Castrol Workshop DWF is a convenient lubricant for castors, typewriters, clocks, fans and door hinges. The pack is supplied with an extension tube for pin-point lubrication.